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At, we're committed to enhancing the comfort and quality of your caravan experiences, and this extends to our range of premium mattresses tailored specifically for Bailey caravans. Bailey, renowned for their innovative design and long-standing tradition of quality, produces some of the most respected caravans in the industry.

Sleep is an integral part of our lives, and when it comes to caravanning, the quality of your mattress can dramatically impact your overall experience. To this end, we've meticulously designed our replacement mattresses to seamlessly fit various Bailey caravan models, ensuring optimal comfort and relaxation.

Bailey caravans come in diverse layouts and bed sizes. For instance, the Bailey Unicorn Cabrera, a favourite among caravan enthusiasts, typically features a fixed double bed that usually requires a mattress size of around 190cm x 135cm. Conversely, the Bailey Pegasus Grande SE Rimini, famous for its spacious twin single beds, often needs two mattresses each measuring about 190cm x 75cm.

Our specialty extends to various Bailey caravan models, including the Unicorn, Pegasus, Phoenix, and Discovery series. Our mattresses, available in different materials, firmness levels and types, including memory foam and pocket sprung options, are designed to provide the perfect fit for your specific Bailey model.

Beyond offering superior mattresses, we're committed to making your Bailey caravan feel more like home. Enhancing your caravan experience is at the core of what we do.

For further information on Bailey caravans, please visit their website at Bailey Caravans.