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Lunar caravans, acclaimed for their lightweight construction and innovative design, are popular among caravan enthusiasts worldwide. At, we strive to enhance your Lunar caravan experience with our bespoke range of mattresses.

The bed sizes in Lunar caravans can differ significantly depending on the model. For instance, the Lunar Clubman SI features a fixed island bed, typically accommodating a mattress of approximately 190cm x 135cm. In contrast, the Lunar Quasar 586, a popular family model, includes two single beds in the rear, requiring mattresses of approximately 180cm x 75cm each.

We cater to all popular Lunar models, including the Ariva, Quasar, Stellar, Lexon, Clubman, and Delta series. Whether you're looking for the softness and flexibility of memory foam or the firm support of pocket springs, our selection ensures a perfect night's sleep during your travels.

At, our mission is to enhance your Lunar caravan adventures with our meticulously crafted range of mattresses. Regardless of your Lunar model, we aim to deliver a comfortable and restful sleep throughout your journey.

For further information on Lunar caravans, please visit their website at Lunar Caravans.