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Coachman caravans are synonymous with exceptional quality and superb craftsmanship. Their comfort and luxury are second to none, and at, we believe that a quality sleep experience is an integral part of this luxury. Therefore, we offer an extensive range of premium mattresses specifically designed to fit Coachman caravans.

Each Coachman model has distinct layouts and bed dimensions. For instance, the Coachman Acadia 565, known for its twin single bed layout, typically requires two mattresses, each measuring around 190cm x 70cm. On the other hand, the Coachman VIP 575, with its sumptuous fixed double bed, generally calls for a mattress size of approximately 190cm x 135cm.

We have tailored our mattress offerings to fit popular Coachman models, including the Acadia, VIP, and Laser Xcel. Whether you're a fan of traditional pocket sprung mattresses or prefer the conforming comfort of memory foam, we have a variety of options to ensure your sleep is as luxurious as your caravan.

At, we are committed to enhancing your caravanning experience with our range of mattresses. Regardless of your Coachman model, we aim to provide the best sleep possible on your travels.

For further information on Coachman caravans, please visit their website at Coachman Caravans.