Exterior Shot of the Swift Sprite Caravan

Swift Sprite Major 4 SB: The Ultimate Comfort Experience on Wheels

The Fusion of Craftsmanship and Innovative Design

Swift Caravans are renowned for their blend of quality, innovation, and design. When a customer reached out to us with a request for a custom mattress tailored to fit a Swift Sprite Major 4 SB, we were up for the challenge. Here's how we optimized comfort for this particular caravan model's unique Rear Double Transverse Island Bed.

Swift Sprite Major 4 SB Interior Bedroom Shot

Bedroom Interior: Swift Sprite Major 4 EB

At MyBespoke, we understand that your motorhome is not just a vehicle but a second home. And what makes a home comfortable? A great mattress, of course!

Our Swift Sprite Major 4 SB Rear Double Transverse Island Mattress with a Loose Bolster is not just any mattress. It's a game-changer in how you experience comfort on the road.


The Bed Base: Designed for Versatility

Swift's extendable bed base system is unique and innovative. By day, it offers a compact space to allow more room for activities. By night, the base extends to provide a more spacious sleeping area. While this design is ingenious for making the most of limited space, it creates a gap between the mattress and the wall when extended.

Introducing: The Bolster

Our custom mattress for the Swift Sprite Major 4 SB comes standard with a loose bolster. This isn't an optional add-on; it's a feature carefully integrated into the mattress design to seamlessly fill in the space created by the extendable bed base. The bolster ensures that your sleeping surface remains uniform and comfortable, adding to the luxurious experience that Swift Caravans are known for.

Custom Comfort: 25cm Pocket Memory Foam in Medium (Regular Comfort)

Swift Sprite Major 4 SB Photo Collage of the Mattress Build

We understand that a great mattress has to offer more than just a perfect fit. This custom mattress was constructed with a 25cm depth and featured pocket memory foam in a medium or "Regular Comfort" level. Combining supportive pocket springs with the plush cushioning of memory foam, we created a mattress that adapts to the individual sleeper, delivering unparalleled comfort.

The Final Product: Where Comfort Meets Practicality

The result is a mattress that not only fits the unique design of the Swift Sprite Major 4 SB's extendable bed base but also elevates the entire caravan experience. The standard built-in bolster perfectly complements the versatile bed base, and the carefully chosen materials ensure a good night's sleep.

Swift Sprite Major 4 SB Mattress with Loose Bolster

A Tailored Sleeping Experience

This project exemplifies how our custom solutions can elevate the comfort and practicality of already-innovative caravan designs. When it comes to Swift Sprite Major 4 SB, a tailor-made mattress isn't a luxury—it's a necessity for those who truly understand the value of restorative sleep while on the road.

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